The RiffRiders



Hit the Road

by Riff Riders

Released 2015
Released 2015
This dynamic mix of modern, rockin' blues featuring strong, soulful vocals and standout instrumentalists, will make you wanna Hit The Road with The Riffriders!
'HIT THE ROAD' hits the shelves. The Erie region has a long, rich history of talented blues artists. Now that the RiffRiders have released a top-notch new CD, "Hit the Road," it's time to add them to the list. They don't reinvent the genre; this is traditional blues with Chicago and smoky, old-school influences. Guitarist Sean Seth, armed with a Fender Stratocaster, a Gretsch and even a four-string cigar box guitar, doesn't mimic the masters; he lets the songs dictate his approach.
"I've always played from feel and played from my gut," he says.
That accounts for the album's diversity and earthy feel. "Hit The Road," with a motoring Southern groove, gives each RiffRider a chance to shine, in particular veteran harp player Otis James, who elevates every project he's a part of. Seth's meaty guitar work adds extra sizzle to the snappy "Bounce Back"; while the gambling tale "Back Door Kenny" rumbles with hot-rod rockabilly flair.
Other standouts include the sassy "Rumors," which has Stonesy-blues feel; and "Rollin,' an epic with a Led Zeppelin flavor that features some of Shallenberger's most impressive vocals. Her powerful voice can go from she-means-business-growly to gorgeous and heavenly to sultry and sexy in a heartbeat.
"Hit the Road" hits a home run.

-- Dr. Rock

Amy ‘Shally’ Shallenberger – Vocals
Sean Seth – Rhythm/Lead Guitars, Cigar Box
Otis James – Harmonica
Tony LaPaglia – Fender Bass
Joe Caprara – Drums

Guitars: 1960 Gretsch 6120, 1965 Fender Stratocaster, Daddy Mojo 4-string Cigar Box, 1969 Gibson ES-335
Bass Guitar: 1973 Fender P-Bass
Drums and Percussion: AHA Custom Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vater Drum Sticks, Evans Drumheads, Yamaha Drum Hardware
Amplifiers: 1966 Supro, Supro Coronado, 1966 Fender Pro Reverb, Fender Princeton Reverb Combos
Harmonicas: Hohner Blues Harp, Hohner Special 20, SeydeL Blues Session Steel, Hohner Double Bass Chromatic

Alex, Nathan, and Cole; Jayne and Julia; Advanced Rehabilitation; Molly Caprara,
Aaron Hughes and AHA Custom Drums, Impact Industries, Sarah, Allison, and Grace;
Joe LaPaglia, Ron Thomas, Anthony Brown, Leo Fender, Steve Smith, Jacques Pépin,
and a very special thank you to our fans.