The RiffRiders



Hard-working bands are woven into the fabric of the American cultural landscape. The Riff Riders,

from Erie PA, are proof positive that the ethic of work hard, play hard and good things will come

your way, is alive and well. The five-piece band lead by charismatic vocalist Amy “Shally”

Shallenberger released their debut album “Hit The Road” in October of 2015 and are pushing it

out to the world to share their fire-in-the-belly bravado.

The twelve-song set of hard rockin’ blues and gritty soul, recorded at Graphite Sound in Warren,

PA, is a guitar-driven sound that reflects their blue-collar heritage. Backing Shally are Riff Riders:

Sean Seth on lead and cigar box guitar, Otis James on harmonica, bassist Tony LaPaglia and

drummer Joe Caprara.

Personal on some levels, freewheeling on others, "Hit the Road" is a collection of songs that are

rooted in diversity and allows each member of the band to shine. The basic frameworks of the

songs were composed by Seth and Shallenberger with the band as a whole applying the finishing

touches. Each player's unique musical background contributes to the flavor of the songs taking

the record down a winding unexpected path. As far as the Riff Riders are concerned, tone and

depth of sound is king. Sean Seth and Tony LaPaglia have used vintage guitars and amps for

years in efforts to provide a full thickness sound to the music. A vintage Gibson 335, Fender

Stratocaster, Gretsch 6120, and Fender P Bass round out the Chicago blues to rockabilly sound

on “Hit the Road.” A 4 string cigar box guitar creates an aggressive delta groove in the song


The title track ‘Hit the Road,’ the first track of the record, is an open invitation to jump in Amy's

jeep and take a musical journey. From there the record doesn't stop. Seth's meaty guitar work

adds extra sizzle to the snappy ‘Bounce Back,’ while the gambling tale ‘Back Door Kenny’ rumbles

with a hot-rod rockabilly flair. ‘Cut Me Down’ (12.5 bar blues) is a pure blues reminder of the

reaction one can receive from a scorned woman. ‘Rumors’ lays down a hot and sexy groove in an

open E key which feels as though you may "burn, burn, burn" by the song end. The curious

‘Open Door’ is a rock-driven feel which features Seth and James on a call and response solo.

Drowned in whiskey and wine, the inescapable groove of ‘Trouble,’ has become a crowd favorite

at Riff Riders’ live performances.

A 1965 Harley Davidson panhead literally kicks off another rockabilly driven song ‘My 65.’

Combining a four-string cigar box guitar with Shallenberger's growly to gorgeous and heavenly to

sultry and sexy range, ‘Rollin’ pulls the listener right down to the Delta. ‘Leave Me Alone’ asks to

keep it all business topped off with extended guitar and harp solos. The ‘Rich Song’ is a personal

statement of loss and frustration written by Seth shortly after a close friend had passed. The

upbeat and Freddie King style ‘Stuck On You’ rounds out the Riff Riders debut record. This

dynamic mix of modern, rockin' blues featuring strong, soulful vocals and standout

instrumentalists, will make you wanna "Hit The Road" with the Riff Riders!

Passionate about their music, the Riff Riders have also played an extensive amount of live shows

and festivals in the tri-state Northwestern Pennsylvania area as well as sharing the stage with The

Sean Chambers band and Lazar Lloyd. The bands live show draws its

energy and trademark sound by focusing on originals and blues covers arranged with a modern

style providing audiences with familiar crowd-pleasing tunes and an infectious groove.